Journal of Higher Education & Research Society: A Refereed International (Online) invites research papers from the faculties across the various disciplines, research scholars, professionals, writers and critics. Only those papers following the prescribed guidelines and free from typographical errors will be considered for publication.

Style and Language

  Text formatting

  • Papers should be typewritten on A4 size pages, 1.15 pt spaced.
  • Papers should be submitted only in .doc format. (word document)
  • Font of the text should be Palatino Linotype with 13 point font size and justified alignment.
  • Title: align Centre 14 pt (See under ‘Capitalization’ for use of caps.).
  • Subtitle 13.5 pt followed by author(s), name(s), designation (s) and institution (s) 14 pt.
  • Tab for paragraph indent — 0.5 cm, no space between paragraphs.
  • Do not indent first paragraph of the paper.
  • Do not use footnotes.
  • Leave one line space before a new section.
  •  Use parenthetical referencing for bibliographical material. Other notes (which should be kept to a minimum) should appear as end notes, numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.


  • Notes should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the text (endnotes), not as footnotes. They should only be used to provide further information about a particular idea. Endnotes cannot be substituted for the Reference List.

Abstract and key words

  • All papers must be accompanied by a 150-200 words’ abstract; 5-10 key words should be written immediately after the abstract.
  • The abstract should be italicized with single spacing. Use 0.5 cm indent from both the sides for abstract.


  •  Quotations of less than thirty words are placed in the body of the text ‘in single quotation marks’. Quotations of more than thirty words should begin with a new line (first line not indented) and be identified by an extra line of space before and after.
  • Indent the whole quote by 0.5 cm on both left and right, set in 11 pt and 1.5 line spacing. This is so that the type setters can identify where a quote occurs.
  • Use single quotation marks throughout unless there is a quote within a quote, e.g. ‘Grammar should be “particular” in all cases.’
  • Do not change the spelling or punctuation in a quotation.
  •  The full stop should only be inside the quotation mark if the material quoted is a complete sentence. All other punctuation should fall outside quotation marks.
  • Ellipsis should be avoided at the beginning and end of a quotation.

Submission of Paper

  • Authors can submit their research papers online via e-mail:

[email protected]/ [email protected]

  • While submission authors are expected to submit in separate file ‘Declaration by Author/s’ as the paper is not published anywhere in other publication sources and has not been sent for publication. Also the views expressed and material furnished in the paper has been cited appropriately.