Journal of Higher Education and Research Society is a biannual (April-October) E-journal, published under the auspices of Higher Education and Research Society, with the aim of bringing Higher Education-relevant issues/topics to incorporate a modern, appealing design with wide-ranging contributions from respected authors, peer groups, research scholars, students, professionals and likeminded groups, and combine intellectual rigour with topicality and broad accessibility.

The Journal will not seek to advocate the role or operations of Higher Education and Research Society, Navi Mumbai but to draw attention to the intersections of Higher Education, including the potential role of intellectuals, research institutes, academic institutes, university departments, government and other likeminded as well as peer group in the achievement of development. To meet this, the society aims organize the deliberations over higher educational movements, applied academic activities like seminars, conferences, symposiums, workshops, translation workshops and etc… It is determined to focus in bringing interaction between intellectuals and the institutions. The journal is not explicitly linked to the Higher Education and Research Society brand, with minimal use of its logo, but will rather advocate society-relevant content and policy. The editorial standpoint of the journal does not reflect a Society “official view”, and will instead be one of a convenor, drawing together articles, news and research of interest, reflecting a spectrum of views as broad as possible. To that end, while a small editorial committee comprised of members of society and other research scholar is set the broad parameters of each journal’s thematic content, an external chief advisor of high renown and standing will review the main content if required. An executive editor and board of editors will deal with day-to-day text editing and liaison with the journal designers, as well as with the editorial committee and chief advisors and chief editors.

This e-journal is mirrored in a strong internet presence and back up data with the details of the references and citations, details of impact factor and readers view and visitor’s data, which should grow over time. First-issue is going to be delivered in second week of November, 2013. The journal will have a fresh, appealing, layout, to be drawn up in conjunction with a professional design team. It will use a strong visual style for emphasis. This layout template will be followed, with appropriate modification, from issue to issue. In terms of writing style, the journal will be clear and accessible, following the conventions of academic journal style that of typical MLA Styled documents and publications, and that of quality academic journal.  Sufficient space will be given for the expression of individual style through external links.