Vol V Issue 2 October 2017








Ajay Sharma

The Relevance of Garuda Purana in Modern Society: An Inter-Disciplinary Study


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Anand Hipparkar

Individual Versus Social System: Estrangement in Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer?

12- 18

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Apara Tiwari

Dark Age: An Exploration of Thuggee in India and Its Legacy


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Bhupendra Nandlal Kesur

Names And Naming in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon


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Adishree Vats

Mama Day (1988): Feminine Acquiescence Or Defiance

37- 43

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Sanjay Haribhau Zagade

Reflection of Cultural Identity in Desai’s Bye- Bye Black Bird

44- 50

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C. Lalrinzuala

Degendering The Cisgender Gospel inAngel By Laura Lee

51- 65

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Chitra Sreedharan

Local Voices, Global Echoes


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D. Ans Angel

Changing Nature but Unchanging Divinity


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Darkhasha Azhar

Cultural Conflict in Mulk Raj Anand‚Äôs ‚ÄėUntouchable‚Äô

83- 88

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Debalina Roy Chowdhuri

Discerning Myths In Yeats’ Poetry

89- 96

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Debmalya Biswas

Transvaluating Christianity: Briefly Looking at Certain Nietzschian Perspectives on Religion and Morality

97- 105

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Deeksha Sharma

Storytelling and Yogic Tradition: Searching for Spiritual Literary Aesthetics in the tales and parables of  Sri Ramakrishna

106- 112

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Deepna Rao

The Unbearable Darkness of Being Conversion, Conflict
and Dislocation in Alan Machado’s (Prabhu)  Shades Within Shadows


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Construction Of Gender: The Historical Narrative Vs The Punjabi Novel – A Study Of Eighteenth Century North India


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KhushbuAkash Trehan

Mahesh Dattani’s Tara: A Silent Cry of an Indian Girl Child


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Ramesh K. G.

Unveiling the Politics of Veiling: A Critique on Orhan Pamuk’s Snow

135- 141

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Emily Dickenson‚Äôs ‚ÄėPrivate Religion‚Äô: Understanding Her Poetical Ruminations Amidst Shifting Concepts of God, Immortality, and Soul as ‚ÄėCostumeless Consciousness‚Äô

142-  159

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Jyoti Patil

Theory Of ‚ÄėMelting Pot‚Äô: Cultural Neo-Imperialism ¬†in Literature

160- 166

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Ekta Sawhney

The American Yogi

167- 174

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Emy Merin Joy

Religion, Power and The Forming of ¬†A ‚ÄėChristian Self‚Äô


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Firdous Hussain Parra

Debunking the Stereotyped and Mythcised Image of  Kashmir in Collective European Imagination


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Geeta Shree

Dilemma of Westernisation and Modernisation in Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence

189- 194

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Irwan Suswandi

Identity Representation of Indonesian Society in Indonesia Tourism Promotion Videos: A Study of Semiotics


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Jayant Balaji Athavale

 Jyoti Kale

How the Spiritual Level and Spiritual State of An Author Affects his Literary Works


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Kulwant Singh

Revisiting Paradigms of  Wellness through Harmony with Nature


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Lalita Gaur

Conflict in the poems of W.H. Auden


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Revisiting Tangkhul Naga’s Culture Through Oral Tradition: Discussing Maitonphi And Shimreishang As A Cultural Heritage.

242- 248

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Mangesh M Gore

Aspects of Diaspora Theory and Multicuturalism


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Maxim Dias

Alphonse Fernandes

‚ÄėContextualizing Religious Texts‚Äô As A Response To Religious Fundamentalism – A Christian Reflection

263- 280

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Meera Krishnadas

Beyond Gender And Religion: A Study Of Kamala And Saguna By Krupabai Satthianandhan


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Humanitarian Perspectives in George Orwell’s Fiction

288- 293

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Muzainah Nurazijah,

The Marking and Meaning ofSpace in District Kukusan, Depok as a Form of Indonesia Cultural Representation


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Naresh Patel

Nostalgic Murmurs in Habib Tanvir’s A Broken Bridge: Dreaming TheReality


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Neetu Shrivas

Jyoti Jaiswal

Bifold Of Heroism And Antagonisms In Ravan And Satan’s Characters

315- 322

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Neha Singh

Beliefs, Practices and Superstitions in Kuwankhera: A Study on Multi Caste Village of Uttar Pradesh

323- 331

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Nidhi U. Mutalik Desai

Train To Pakistan ‚Äď In the Eyes of Literature and Nationalism


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Rugmani Venkatadri

Preeti Sharma

Himadri Ghosh

Oral Literature and Pagan Religions: An Investigation into Pagan Faiths and their Depiction in Literature

337- 347

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Pallavi Srivastava

Nutan Agarwal

W.B.Yeats as a Prophetic Poet: An Inquiry into His Religious Philosophy

348- 356

Download454 downloads


Poorva Deshpande

The Dictates of Myths in Hindu Epics

357- 364

Download471 downloads


Priyanka Mishra

Literature and Ancient Scripture: A study of NayikaBheda in Rabindranath Tagore`s Dance Drama

365- 375

Download1414 downloads


Radha Devi & Vishal Baloria

Non-Vedic Burial Tradition in Vedic Literature

376- 382

Download576 downloads


Rafaquat Raja

Toni Morrison’s Sula:The Survival Against Suppression

383- 388

Download519 downloads


Roby Aji

Article as a Marker of Identity: A Study of Use and Its Changes in Indonesian Literature Manuscript


Download449 downloads



The ‚ÄėHumanity‚Äô of The Goddess: A Study of the Contemporary Face of Draupadi

404 – 413

Download526 downloads


Sangita Vijay Kongre

Breaking the Waves: Culture on the Ire in Manto’s Stories


Download1275 downloads


 Sapana Maurya

Religious Conversion in India: Case of Allahabad District in Uttar Pradesh


Download399 downloads


Sarla Santwani

Tantra A Syncretic Theological Doctrine with Praxis


Download539 downloads


Kuchekar  Shailaja Baburao

Multiculturalism: A Modern Technique Of Indian Writers


Download469 downloads


Shamsudheen MK

Redressing The Gender Stereotypes and Predicaments Through The Art of Performance: A Study of Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence! The Court is in Session and Caryl Churchill’s The Skriker


Download869 downloads


Shantilal Ghegade

The Nature of Class and Caste in India

455- 466

Download420 downloads


Sudipta Mondal

Lending Voice to the Subaltern: The Case of Firdaus in Nawal el Saadawi’s Woman at point Zero

467- 476

Download499 downloads


Sunita Kumari

Social Purpose and Vision of Asif Curriumbhoy in Inquilab and Thorns On A Canvas

477- 486

Download1398 downloads


Susan Lobo

Bringing the Gods Down-to-Earth: A Study of Unconventional Representations of the Gods in Mythological Narratives for Children


Download550 downloads


Swathika Y.S.

Collision of Faith and Solitude in ‚ÄėThe Old Man and The Sea‚Äô

497- 502

Download450 downloads


Tanvi Negi

Re-Narrating History and Question of Existence in Yu Hua‚Äôs ‚ÄúTo Live‚ÄĚ


Download552 downloads


Tarun Deep Singh

Tale-Danda: A Literary Intervention into the Shortcomings of Religion


Download642 downloads


Udai Nath Kurrey

Reasserting Identity Through Rituals in the Tribals of Chhattisgarh

522- 527

Download383 downloads


Ulfa Kurniasih

Azkia Rostiani Rahman

Sansiviera Mediana Sari

The Meaning of Merantau (Wandering) in Petatah-Petitih (Proverb) of  Minangkabau


Download668 downloads


Venugopal Sadh

Humanistic Approach in the work of Khushwant Singh

538- 544

Download448 downloads


Vinutha M.H.

Gender and Nationalism

545- 551

Download547 downloads


VishalChandrakant Bodhale

Treatment of Religion in Kiran Nagarkar`S Ravan And Eddie

552- 562

Download459 downloads


Z. Zakkina Zareen


Portrayal of  Women and their Predicaments in The Plays of Mahesh Dattani


Download400 downloads


Maulasab A. Makandar

Has Gandhiji Fallen On Evil Tongues? A Literary Point Of View

571- 579

Download506 downloads



Language Attitude Of English: Analysis Of Sasak, Bugis, Sundanese, Javanese And Minang Speakers

580- 609

Download393 downloads


Jandhyala Ravindranath

The ‚ÄėHoly‚ÄôConflict In Our¬†Times : A Study OfMohsin Hamid‚Äôs The Reluctant Fundamentalist


Download440 downloads


Lajja Bhatt

Video Games or Religious Propaganda?

618 – 627

Download448 downloads



Demythifying Goddesses: Reading Ms. Militancy

628 – 635

Download718 downloads


Sumaiyah Naaz

The Intergalactic God: A Study Of Religious Ideas In Space Opera

636- 644

Download413 downloads


Warsha S. Khandewale

Unveiling Religion in Tagore’s Gitanjali


Download436 downloads


Sarita Jain

Patriarchy Gender and Power: Inside The Haveli A Feminist Perspective

654 – 663

Download573 downloads


Satyaki Dutta Subhajit Pal

Interrogating the Construct of ‚ÄėMahatma‚Äô as the Father of the Nation


Download491 downloads


Dr. Smita R. Deshmukh

Search And Quest For Identity In American Democratic Poet, Walt Whitman‚Äôs ‚ÄėLeaves Of Grass‚Äô


Download430 downloads


Debajyoti Biswas

Sanjukta Chatterjee

Anglophone Fiction from North East:  The Woman Question


Download574 downloads


Dr. Sudhir Nikam

East West Encounter in Bhabani Bhattacharya’s A Dream in Hawaii


Download466 downloads


Dr. Madhavi Nikam

Emancipation of Woman in Shashi Deshpande’s Small Remedies


Download462 downloads


Ajiet Ravikant Jachak

Use of Indian Myths in Select Plays of Girish Karnad

709- 716

Download507 downloads
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